I assist in obtaining visa even before you have landed in Bulgaria.

To obtain a visa you need to fill in a visa application form 3 months before arriving at the Bulgarian embassy or consulate in your country. Your passport will be detained there and a meeting will be organized for you to submit the application. If you do not know English or Bulgarian, you will need to get an interpreter. The approval, issuance, stamping and return of the passport takes up to 35 working days.

Before the Bulgarian Migration Service you will need:

  1. Application form for citizenship.
  2. ID card or passport, as well as 2 photos. The passport must be valid for the entire stay.
  3. Verification of criminal origin.
  4. Certificate for change of names.
  5. Translation and legalization of all documents.

Type C visa is for short-term travel and transit (3 - 6) months. Type D visa is long-term, has special protection and is for multiple entry (6-12) months. Visas for citizens of non-EU countries are also issued for:

  • Diplomatic immunity;
  • For medical reasons with proof from the hospital and proof that all care for the stay in Bulgaria will be covered;
  • Work permit from the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy;
  • Married;
  • Student visa;
  • Family relationship;
  • Retirement with enough money;
  • Business.

The sales representative must register with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry For a type D visa, you need the following documents:

  • Visa application form - 2 photos
  • Passport valid for the entire stay
  • Proof of funds. The bank statement must have a minimum of 6 monthly salaries.
  • Health insurance from the National Social Security Institute
  • Rental agreement
  • Verification of criminal origin
  • Right to extended stay - after 5 years of stay. It is issued by the Migration Directorate of the Ministry of Interior. The document is issued in a period (1-2 months) I will contact you with the immigration services.