After the preliminary settlement of documents, I meet the person and since his arrival at the airport, I take full care of him during his entire stay, work and relations with Bulgaria. I provide transport and translation according to the purpose of the trip. I can make sure to find a suitable hotel, as well as organize entertainment and event services for foreigners. I will make your stay in Bulgaria a pleasant pleasure. I offer escort and attendant for foreigners in Bulgaria.

Find office and home

After I understood the purpose of the trip to Bulgaria, even before the arrival I took care of finding a suitable place to stay. The type of housing is different according to the length of stay and the client's requirements.

Through good real estate agencies, I could help by buying land and property, as well as finding suitable rental housing. One could rent an apartment or a house for both a short and a long period of time. It is possible to assist with renting out your property or land in Bulgaria. I help with all registration documents when buying land or real estate.

A visa is required to purchase land for non-EU countries. When you buy a house, warehouse or room, I cooperate with the organization of Home Utilities - District Heating, Current, Sofian water. If you buy an apartment or a house, you need craftsmen. I can connect you with the perfect ones for the purpose. In case you need Moving Services, count on me.

For a beautiful, new home you need an interior designer and Cleaners (House Cleaning), here I will give you the right contacts again ????. I will contact you with an immigration lawyer and with the Immigration Services so that you can take advantage of all possible benefits regarding your stay and your life in Bulgaria.

Jobs and employment

When I was a student in Germany, I was looking for a job at the same time, and from my personal experience I know how difficult it is to find a job abroad. In order to be happy, we must do what we love. For this reason, I would like to assist you in finding the right vacancy for you. In case you are unable to find a job in Bulgaria, I will contact you at the Labor Office so that you have another opportunity to deal with the situation.

Health and wellness

In case you are orienting your life in Bulgaria, you will need Health and Wellness care. The first thing you will need is Health Insurance and Medical Care. You can be completely calm and not have to worry about your health, because the best doctors here will work for you. In order to be good, you need to feel good, eat right, exercise, be surrounded by positive and ideological people, have as much fun as possible. In this regard, I can take you to the right places where you will find new contacts to saturate yourself with positive emotions. One of the places energizing with high energy is the Wellness. Rely on me again to show you the top places for rest and spa in Bulgaria.


I am a German language teacher and psychologist, and I know many other good teachers in various fields. I can help with the acquisition of Bulgarian or another foreign language. I can help with finding and enrolling in a suitable Univesity, High School, School or Kinder Garden.

In one month with me you will speak Bulgarian, English or German  without lessons or courses. All you have to do is participate in my daily routine. I live actively and thatswhy I will teach you to speak and use the foreign language quickly and easily for work or entertainment.

Driving and transport

When you organize your life in Bulgaria, you will need Driving and Transport. You will probably need a Rent a Car for short stays and temporary stays. However, if you are planning your life in Bulgaria, in order to be more flexible and mobile, it would be appropriate to buy a car.

I can help with the translation, search and finding the right option for you, negotiating the price, registration, as well as all the necessary documents for the procedure. If you are here with your whole family, you may need Driving Lessons. I will assist with the best instructions, translation, booklet, certificate and certificate.