Life and Lifestyle

Wherever you are, no matter what country you live in, you need Social Contacts and Meet -UP to feel good and thrive. I organize such for foreigners from different countries, as well as for foreigners with Bulgarians. The goal is to exchange ideas and experiences, different cultures, practice foreign languages, make new acquaintances and positive emotions. In order to experience maximum pleasure from the experience, I organize them every time in a different place from the top locations in Sofia - I use the most popular Bulgarian Clubs, Bars, Dinner, Lunch, Food and Beer. Doing things together brings people together. If you love movement, I will take you to the right place. There are suitable locations for every sport, dating opportunities and making new contacts. Sport and proper nutrition shape the body. Movement and meetings with different people, as well as a pleasant stay together charge, create positive emotions and mood in life. Sport is also important in building various skills and discipline. The more things a person can and does, the more fun and interesting his life is. In this regard, regardless of age, sport is an important and necessary part of everyday life for centuries. Sometimes changing countries and lifestyles, as well as intercultural differences, can be a big shock. This requires flexibility, adaptability, adaptability, and a desire to understand the other and his style. I can help with your adaptation and integration in Bulgaria. I will introduce you to other foreigners or families of different nationalities from yours. I know interesting Bulgarians who would like to meet you and keep in touch from a social point of view, practice and exchange foreign languages, joint business. In order to make better family, personal and life decisions, more and more people use a psychologist for assistance. I will connect you with a person who will be of maximum use to you. Many retirees choose Bulgaria as a suitable destination for living because of the warm climate, the long summer, the sea, the many mountains and the possibility of skiing and snowboarding. In Bulgaria, people are positive, well-disposed towards foreigners, open, social, always in the mood and love to have fun. Another big plus is that in Bulgaria the standard of living is lower, usually the cost of consumables and living is about 2 times lower than in Western Europe. You could earn income from abroad and live a great life here with minimal resources. You can also take advantage of the National Revenue Agency and the National Social Security Institute after a certain stay in Bulgaria. In connection with the fact that Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, many foreigners decide to legalize their joint relations with their spouse and obtain the necessary citizenship. I can assist with the organization of the event, as well as with the documentary part. I will also show you the best shops in Bulgaria.


When a person is on the move, traveling and generally active, he feels good. However, when he is in a new place, he is still disoriented, tries on his own and does not know how to organize his events in the best possible way. I can contribute with an unforgettable experience and great emotions every time, because I will introduce you to other people who are in your situation. I gather foreigners who are in Bulgaria with a common goal - tourism, immigration or business. My desire is to make your stay here as comfortable and useful as possible for you, to help you save time and money. I will guide you in planning to visit the best places in Bulgaria.