Company registration

I will take care of the creation, service and management of each of your businesses in Bulgaria, so as to achieve success and profits. I can connect you with the best lawyers in Bulgaria, with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and with the Ministry of Interior. I can also be your representative here.

If you are going to do business with Bulgaria, the Company Registration and the VAT Registration in Bulgaria are mandatory. For this purpose, I will connect you with a good lawyer and notary, which you can use in principle in the development of your business, for maximum efficiency.

To register a company you need:

  • Bank letter / statement;
  • Certified and signed Specimen;
  • Memorandum of Association with the name of the company;
  • Names and personal data;
  • Size of capital;
  • Consent and sample, signed by the owner with notarization;
  • Legal Declaration;
  • Declaration under Art. 13, para. 4 of the Commercial Register Act;
  • Declaration that there are no legal obstacles for the owner to hold this position under Art. 141 and 142 of the Commercial Code Insurance and official number from the National Revenue Agency;
  • For foreign citizens, the documents are certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Foreign citizens must certify the documents of the Consular Service of Bulgaria in the respective country;
  • Some foreign citizens need an Apostille;
  • Foreigners who are not in Bulgaria can send the documents by mail, as well as a power of attorney;

I take care of the Complete Package of Registration Documents. I will connect you with the right contacts in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. I can help with the Cargo Management for Flights or Truck Trips. I offer Customer Service by Shipments. I take out documents for foreign companies. I can help you with opening stores with your production.



I also help with the registration of a commercial site. I assist in obtaining documents for products - certificates, licenses, permits, import and export approvals, certificates from immigration services and more. They are taken out by different institutions and ministries depending on the activity of the business. I work together with the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chamber of Commerce, the Regional Health Inspectorate, the Immigration Services, and other institutions responsible for the import and export of goods. You could save time and money if you take advantage of my services and contacts. In order to import or export goods from and to Bulgaria, you must first check for free quotas.

When imported, exported, introduced or re-exported, the goods must be monitored for bans. You also need:

  • Permit for transportation of goods from the Ministry of Transport;
  • Certificate of import and export to customs;
  • To check whether the goods have a special registration regime and if so, a permit is needed. It must indicate the origin of the goods, to which country they are exported, as well as the date of the commercial document;
  • The terms and conditions of delivery to meet the requirements of Incoterms 2011;
  • A tariff number by which it is classified in the EU customs tariff is also described;
  • A description of the goods by type, quantity and value is given by the department competent for its issuance. It is possible to issue one certificate for many shipments;

 I will contact you with the institution that issues permits for the international transport of goods at its own expense. When importing and exporting goods, the following are also required:

  • Customs declaration;
  • Temporary storage declaration;
  • Declaration of value;
  • Commodity customs declaration;
  • Certificate EUR1- Declaration of origin;
  • Certificate FORM A - for tariff preferences;
  • In case of transit of goods - TIR Cornet - Transport guarantee document from the Association of Bulgarian Enterprises for International Transport in Bulgaria;
  • Cornet ATA - A set of documents that contain a description of the goods for transport;
  • CPD Cornet - Document for temporary importation of vehicles;
  • Bank guarantees from Commercial Bank;
  • Fact Sheet 1 - Inward Processing Regime for Non-Union Goods;
  • Information sheet 7 - contains information about goods placed under the Active Improvement regime. Issued electronically by the Customs Agency;
  • Fact sheet 8 - Deferred payment / Customs warehousing.

Good and Correct Accounting Services are needed for a successful business. I can connect you with the right ones. I am also available if you want to sell ready-made, existing companies or businesses. I could represent your franchise or business if you reside in another country. Since its inception, I will take care of its development, demand for new markets and its establishment on the market. I could be responsible for the documentary part of the Franchise, or your business in Bulgaria, quality control and meeting certain standards. I can manage your Shipments and Cargo. Customs duties, excise duties and requirements for the various certificates must also be monitored with regard to imports and exports. At import and export of goods documents for customs clearance are filled in. You need to have a document approving the import and export of goods to customs.


There is no law on franchising in Bulgaria. It's a good idea to contact the Franchise Association here. The Executive Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium Enterprises, the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism would assist you and will also offer you an appropriate European program to develop your business most effectively. To be even more useful to you, I can connect you with the Department of Foreign Economic Cooperation, as well as be your liaison with all other institutions and agencies. Depending on what kind of Franchise you want to do in Bulgaria, you will have to see what requirements the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, the Regional Health Inspectorate also have, to have the necessary certificates from customs. It is necessary to check whether some goods have vetoes and restrictions. Certificates must indicate the content of GMOs, how they are produced, and follow certain standards. For a successful Franchise or business you will need contact with the Chamber of Commerce, German-Bulgarian commercial camera, Swiss-Bulgarian commercial camera, American-Bulgarian commercial camera and English-Bulgarian chamber of commerce. You need these contacts to exchange ideas and experiences so that you can be as mutually beneficial as possible in your common goaFor a successful Franchise or business you will need contact with the Chamber of Commerce, German-Bulgarian commercial camera, Swiss-Bulgarian commercial camera, American-Bulgarian commercial camera and English-Bulgarian chamber of commerce. You need these contacts to exchange ideas and experiences so that you can be as mutually beneficial as possible in your common goal. I can help you organize all kinds of documents and materials for your business or franchise, so you save time and money.

In Bulgaria, a commercial license or documents for commercial activity of shops, restaurants, beauty salons, gyms and other stationary and movable sites are required. Permission from the municipality, permits from the Ministry of Interior and the Foreign Trade Chamber are also required. I have the best Advisori Services and Consultations with specialists in all areas and spheres of life and business. Regardless of the purpose of your stay in Bulgaria - immigration, business or work, you will need Banking and Finance. Here again I know the best place for you. Bulgaria offers Support of Foreign Investors. In order to be able to work on European projects, you must also have something in common with the Chamber of Commerce and the Labor Office. In every field, you will need a good Lawyer and Safety to be successful and to make things happen in your favor. I will give you the right contacts.