I offer full support and all kinds of services for foreigners in connection with travel, immigration, life, work or starting a business in Bulgaria.
I help with obtaining permits, various certificates, licenses, and all kinds of documents.
Some foreign citizens living in a non-EU country need a visa to legalize their stay and a work visa for Bulgaria.

Settlement process

Arrival and Transport

Find Offices and Homes

Company registration and Business support

Jobs and Emplyment

Education and Driving lessons

Wellness and Health

The services I provide include making the contacts you need.
Depending on whether you want to develop a business, organize your life in Bulgaria, whether you are looking for a job, whether you want to exchange ideas, acquire language skills, or you are here for tourism and entertainment, I could guide you and It saves you time and money.
I can also organize workshops to exchange goods or services.
For some of the businesses you plan to do together with Bulgaria, you will need people who speak different foreign languages.
In this case, I can select staff and find the right ones for you.